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2012-02-24, 05:19
In the Lianja roadmap on lianja.com you will see that we are in the process of developing mobile clients for iPad, iPhone and Android. These are native clients that connect to the Lianja CloudDB where you have published your Lianja Apps and the Appp will be rendered using native UI components for iOS or Android.

The Mobile clients will be made available for free from the Apple App Store and the Google Android Market.

2012-04-04, 09:03
They will run vfp code native on the mobile device.

2014-05-01, 16:45

In the roadmap under LCS V1.2, I see

Extend the Lianja system object to handle common (phonegap) mobile functions such as taking a photo etc so that these are a "no operation" (noop) when in development mode testing an App.

Will this (or can this) include the GeoLocations functions?

It's a big part of the apps I am migrating.



2014-05-01, 22:54
Yes. I can slip that in earlier for you. You don't actually need phonegap to use the geolocation API on iOS or Android. I will drop Lianja.getCurrentPosition() into the next build for you. It will return an object with two properties; latitude and longitude.

if you want to display this as the driver is moving then use it in conjunction with a timer delegate.

2014-05-01, 23:55
Geolocation is included in HTML5 browsers. The only real need to use PhoneGap for this is that some mobile browsers may not allow the action for security reasons. That being the case then PhoneGap will be needed and a native App has to be build using the Adobe PhoneGap build service -- which is planned to be integrated in with the App Center as per the roadmap.

Lianja.getCurrentPosition( onsuccess, onerror) is now available in the next beta build which is v1.1.3Beta4.

It does nothing in desktop view.

The onsuccess function is passed an argument as described at:

2014-05-02, 00:05
Fantastic! Thank you.

I use this function quite a bit on my current mobile apps. Adding it natively is a real time saver.

Looking forward to migrating all my apps to Lianja.

I am thinking of starting a Lianja fan club :)