View Full Version : ParentDataChanged vs. section relation questions

2013-04-23, 11:09
I have a child section in which I'm using the cursoradapter() requery method detailed here (http://www.lianja.com/community/showthread.php?1146-Data-source-independent-connections-in-coming-in-RC5-3).

This works great if I relate the parent section to the child section.

However, when I related the sections, I get an error about there being no index on the child cursor (instance of a virtualtable).

So, I removed the section relation: of course it stopped working.

So, I put in the relation, but removed the reference to the child key: I still get the error showing up in the console.

So leaving the section relation in place, I removed both keys. Same error shows up.

The only problem with the error (everything works OK) is the noise factor: should this be happening, or would that be an ER?



2013-05-02, 09:03
This is all fixed in RC5.5