View Full Version : textfield datasource data type: should the default data type stick?

2013-04-17, 10:39
In VFP, if I have a an object property or a variable set to a numeric value, and assign that as the datasource, then when the user enters a value, it is returned in that data type.

I'm not seeing the same behavior in Lianja (RC5.3).

I have a textfield in a form section. Have a public variable created inn app INIT called nMileage, set to 0 (I've tried setting it to 2, in case the compiler optimization bug that bit me elsewhere, now fixed, was the issue). Use that public variable as the datasource (I want that variable available elsewhere, or I would have implicitly declared it via the datasource and set a default value on the control -- same results either way).

I then enter a number into the textfield.

List Memor: it's a Character type.

Is this as planned?



2013-04-18, 07:47
No it should work as expected.