View Full Version : Including Lianja App Center in your own installer

2013-04-14, 02:16
If you want to build your own installer for your Apps that you want to distribute to your desktop end users and you have purchased a Lianja Pro or a Lianja ISV Edition license, you can include the Lianja App Center distribution in your distro and have it install quietly by running it unattended e.g.

LianjaAppCenter-1.0.0-RC5.4-windows-installer.exe --mode unattended

And if you want a free installer to build your distro you may want to take a look at NSIS (http://nsis.sourceforge.net/Main_Page) which is quite feature rich although its for Windows only.

Tip: to have all your users share data on a network drive just create shortcut directories in c:\lianja\cloudserver in your installer