View Full Version : Lianja RC5.4 coming soon

2013-04-13, 04:00
We are moving ahead at a good pace and expect to release Lianja App Builder RC5.4 early next week. This includes:

Removed the sample apps which will be made available on the Lianja App Store.
App store added to the Home workspace menubar for downloading/installing certified Lianja packages.
Fixed an issue focussing on the first non-readonly field in form edit mode.
Fixed an issue displaying form fields which had expressions specified as the "Data source".
Added user "guest" as a known username&password. Provides readonly access to Apps in the "public" tenancy. Disable with the command line switch --noguests
Added --runtimecaption "text" command line switch for runtime app center customization
Added --kiosk command line switch for runtime app center customization
App Packager (deploy an App as a .lpk file). These can be built through the "Deploy" workspace in the Lianja App Builder. The .lpk file contains the Apps, Libraries, Page Libraries, Extensions and Databases that are selected in the "Deploy" workspace. You can also email a .lpk file to members of your team and "Install package" from the App Builder "Apps" workspace to share apps between each other. This is the preferred way to share open source Apps from LianjaX. Just download the .lpk file from LianjaX and click the "Install package" icon in the Apps workspace, select the .lpk file and the App will be installed. The Lianja App Store uses .lpk files for deployment also.
Fixed up an issue with grid events not been dispatched in custom code which sub-classed the grid framework class. (not delegates these were ok)
Fixed various reported bugs.