View Full Version : Installation on Disk different from C (Windows 7)

2013-04-12, 11:08

I installed RC5.3 on a Windows 7 setting the installation directory as D:\Lianja. I noticed that the installation process installed as follows.

But it also created a directory in C:\ as follows


So I went into the settings and changed all the paths and made them point to a new directory in drive D: which I called "LianjaDir". I then transferred all the folders in C:\Lianja to this new directory. When I opened the App Builder there were no tiles. I would like to know how to make Lianja use the selected disk entirely. Subsequently I uninstalled and installed Lianja again.

I also noticed that the scripting language settings in the General Options does not persist when exiting and reopening "Lianja App Builder" In my case it always reverts back to "Visual Foxpro"


2013-04-15, 12:25
Currently, as you say, the installer for Windows installs the Lianja program files in your chosen directory (default system Program Files\Lianja) and the data, apps, library and other components and folders are installed in C:\Lianja. We will be reviewing this for final release to allow you to configure the installation further, but please use the C:\Lianja location for the Release Candidate versions.

We'll check the scripting language settings - thanks for letting us know.