View Full Version : Add-ons to, or Custom, Section Editors?

2012-02-22, 14:29
While exploring the Report Gadget, I noticed that the section editor was, well, sort of basic.

Take, for example, the field selector, which works by field number in the table schema.

What are the options for adding to the Section editor for that field, e.g., a pop-up that allows field selection and ordering?

What are the options for replacing that entire section of the Section editor for a Report gadget?



2012-02-22, 23:06
We will look into enhancing the functionality down the road. The report sections call library:report.rsp which you can copy and extend to suit your requirements. Its just an example of what can be done with hybrid desktop/web components as .rsp pages run on the web and mobile too.

2012-02-23, 11:58
Hi Barry,

report.rsp address the generation of the report.

My question (here) is basically, can we (your users) alter the UI behavior/look & feel/controls/actions of the section editor? I wasn't looking for Lianja to alter these things, but rather asking to what extent we can alter the UI to meet our own preferences.



2012-02-23, 20:18
After we ship v1.0 we will provide the ability for ISVs to write their own builders with custom attributes editor. These will be called plugins and will have a corresponding icon in the formbar at the bottom of the page builder.