View Full Version : Some end users tools in grid: Filter, sort by column, incremental search

2013-04-03, 07:29
I want to ask for an object like Instant Search box. We have been accustomed to a tools for end users:
1. Filter in grid:
1a. Filter for any column with different data types (N, D, T, L, C)
1b. The choice of comparison (=, =, =, =, = > <, >, $ empty, not empty )
2. Sort in grid: On the grid after double clicking on the Header of the column soring grid by this column.
3. Incremental search by sorting in point 2 ( Not only 1 sorting criteria marked with magnifying glass icon next to its label like in Instant Search box)

Are you planning to some similar functionality, or do we have to develope on our own?

2013-04-04, 02:53
You can submit this as an Enhancement Request (ER) ticket on lianja.com for later consideration.