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2013-03-28, 22:20
All Lianja UI elements can be themed using CSS. In this forum we will show you how to do this and how to skin your Apps using themes to satisfy your own or your customers UI standards without having to make any coding changes.

If you have any questions about CSS and how to style UI controls this is the place to ask.

2013-03-28, 22:46
Hi Barry,

I have a lot of questions regarding theming and CSS. For starters, how would I set the style on the column headers of a grid?



2013-03-28, 22:49
Hi Herb, I will put a blog article together. There is so much that can be CSS skinned. Give me a few weeks and once we get v1.0 out of the door I will spend some time and document this properly.

As it turns out most of the Lianja App Builder / Lianja App Center can also be skinned.

2013-03-29, 01:11
Do you know of any tools that would be useful to help with CSS in Lianja?

2013-03-29, 01:20
Once we document the CSS styling it will become quite straightforward. In a future version we will provide intenseness-like functionality for editing CSS.