View Full Version : Lianja App Builder components: Modebar

2013-03-20, 07:17

The Modebar allows you to select the different Workspaces that make up the Lianja App Builder. You start in the Home Workspace, with one-click access to your published Apps and key App development actions. These actions will automatically take you into the right Workspace, but you can switch between the Workspaces using the Modebar at any time.

Create a Database: selects the Data Workspace
Create a Table: selects the Data Workspace (database must already be open)
Create an App: selects the Pages Workspace (Page Builder)
Manage Users: selects the Users Workspace
Deploy Apps: selects the Deploy Workspace
Share Apps: selects the Share Workspace

In any Workspace except the Home Workspace, you can choose to Hide or Show the Modebar using the System menu. Click the icon next to the Workspace caption, select View, then the Hide Modebar / Show Modebar menu option.