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2013-03-19, 01:30
Lianja WebViewWidgets use .rsp files to output HTML and JavaScript into a WebView. A WebView is an embedded WebKit component in the same way that Google Chrome, FireFox and Safari embed WebKit. What we have done is create a scripting language independent object wrapper around WebKit.

It is relatively simple to build your own custom browser in Lianja using the "WebView" system class that is included in Lianja. Remember too that Lianja Webviews can make calls back into the Lianja engine directly -- including calls to procedures that cause the WebView to refresh its' contents with different data. It all comes down to your own creativity how your App makes use of this functionality.

When building WebViewWidgets that do not behave as expected or you just want to tweak the CSS to see what effect that has on the appearance, you can do this interactively using the Web Inspector.

If you right-click on a WebView (try it in the lianjademo "Reports" page) and choose "Inspect", then the Web Inspector will be displayed in a popup window. You can interact with the CSS of the page, debug the JavaScript and many other useful things. Changes you make are reflected in the WebView immediately.

This is completely cross platform; Windows, Mac and Linux.

2013-03-24, 02:47
In Lianja App Builder RC5 we have extended the use of the "Web Inspector" to work with WebView Gadgets as well as WebView Sections. Just right click on the WebView in either Development mode or Runtime mode and you can interact with the HTML DOM, change CSS interactively (and see the layout change dynamically), and also debug any JavaScript you have in the WebView.

Here's a screenshot.