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2013-03-17, 00:08
I've been working on the "App Packager" (deploy an App as a .lpk file) which will be included in the v1.0 Lianja App Builder release.

Lianja packages can be built in the "Deploy" workspace (there's a new icon) in the Lianja App Builder -- "Export as package".

"Export as package" produces a file with a ".lpk" file extension that contains the Apps, Libraries and Databases/tables that are selected in the "Deploy" workspace.

If an .lpk file is uploaded to the Lianja Cloud "Packages" directory (a new directory that will be included in the final release distro) then the package will be auto installed by the Lianja Cloud Server then removed. This provides a very simple method for deploying Apps in the Cloud.

You can also email a .lpk package file to members of your team and run "Install package" from the App Builder "Apps" workspace to share apps between each other.

This is the preferred way to share OSS Apps from LianjaX, LianjaED and LianjaNPO as all you need to do is download the .lpk file and run "Install package".

If the App you are packaging up includes a file called "install.prg", "install.py", "install.php" or "install.js" then this script is run to complete installation. This gives developers complete flexibility to create databases, tables and set file permissions at install time.

Remember to "Publish" your App before you build a Lianja package so that it appears in the Lianja App Center for your end-users

2013-03-17, 00:35
If you sell applications to clients for desktop install how does one install them on say a windows box ?

2013-03-17, 00:48
They install the Lianja App Center (thats the desktop runtime client) and then you just provide the .lpk file which is copied into the "packages" directory.

First time they run the Lianja App Center it will automatically install your App(s) that you have packaged up.

If you want to provide your own installer you can include the Lianja App Center installer as part of it and also include your Apps in that installer.

2013-05-29, 11:31
I'm confused, if I want a desktop application, how can do it?

Can I generate a .exe appliaction?

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2013-05-29, 12:12
I'm confused, if I want a desktop application, how can do it?

What Barry described _is_ a desktop app. Don't confuse "desktop app" with "exe". VFP fudges this by your intalling a "runtime" -- the exe never runs on its own (unless you package the runtime in, e.g., molebox -- something you could do with Lianja, possibly).