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2013-03-11, 22:04
After we release RC4 I will take a further look at the importers and put the source code on LianjaX so that anyone can work on them with me as these are all written in the Lianja/VFP scripting language. I will merge the changes if they make sense to me otherwise it can be forked by anyone interested.

My intention is to enhance the importers so that:

1. They handle forward class references properly without you having to move the class definitions around manually
2. They (optionally) can import an scx and create a page which has the VFP scx embedded into a "Custom" section on the page. This page can (optionally) be added to the "UI Page library" which will make all imported forms available using Lianja.showDialog() so they can be properly integrated in with your Lianja App. You may not have seen UI page libraries yet as they are in RC4.

The process for importing would be:

1. Create a new app called "MyFormLibrary"
2. Import the scx files
3. They will be added to the app and (optionally) added to the UI page library. This allows you to edit the custom section, tweak it, theme it with CSS etc, and then resave it in the UI page library.

You would then create a simple "startup" app with one page that is displayed when your app is run. From there you can show the required pages based on whatever UI you dream up. RC4 has support for "inline" delegates so to show a UI page (containing your VFP .scx) it is simply a matter of specifying an inline delegate (on a CommandButton for example) for the "click" delegate as $("showdialog:form1") which will popup a window with your form1.scx file embedded in it. Note that you could design this "startup" page using a canvas section and use CSS to apply a style to the buttons e.g. gradients, rounded corners etc.

2013-03-12, 08:49

This sounds good. When you say optionally added to the UI Library does it still use the SCP file or now something else? Also, when you say tweak it does this mean you are visually managing the form controls or just the appearance? Thanks.

2013-03-12, 08:59
Robert, it will use the scp file. You can't visually edit an scp file. Lets do this a step at a time.