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2013-03-10, 21:43
I've test Lianja and I don't found how to package our app to end users/customer. I ask this topic in Lianja Facebook, Lianja packager will be released in V 1.1.

But I have other question, is Lianja compile source code to binary/byte code machine? For developer it's very important to protect our source code for end users.


2013-03-10, 21:46
Yes it is compiled into an internal binary format. You don't need to ship source code.

2013-03-10, 23:13
I test to deploy my app, and I got output in C:\Lianja\cloudserver\tenants\public\apps, but I see *.prg still in source code. Can you show me, samples or video how app build with Lianja distribute to end users. I'm very interesting with Lianja but still in doubt to use it. :)


2013-03-10, 23:24
We will in due course.

.prg files are compiled into .dbo files.

.rsp files are compiled into .rso files.

So all you need to do is remove the source code files from the runtime directories which is what the app packager will do when we provide it.

2013-03-11, 01:03
I don't found dbo and rpo for my app test. And other question, I install Lianja App Center in others PC, and I don't found how to connect/use database in my server. I just found user and password to login but hostname does not exists.

I think I need clear tutorial/video to distribute app created with Lianja before I decide to buy it.


2013-03-11, 01:37
Thats fine. In fact you can't buy it yet as we have not yet released it.

When we do we will explain how to package up apps for your end users use.

2013-03-11, 02:41
Hmm, you provided price list, I think Lianja ready to bought. :)

BTW, is Lianja ready for production while I'am waiting Lianja will be released?

2013-03-11, 03:06
We are planning to release it within a few weeks.

You can see the release dates (and the development history) on the roadmap.