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2013-03-07, 01:12
With todays mobile devices (not just smartphones but laptops too) what would happen if you lost your phone or your laptop with all your database information there for anyone to read?

I've been acutely aware of this problem for a while. Too many databases handle securing of data poorly and with the forthcoming Lianja Mobile Edition that could cause a big security problem.

Are you aware that in order to combat this Lianja has built-in support for Triple DES (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Triple_DES) data encryption of database tables.

When an encrypted database table is attempted to be opened, if no encryption key is specified Lianja won't open it.

Even on the web, if a hacker was able to break into your site and download the data, the tables are unreadable unless the correct encryption key is used when opening them.

Now you may be thinking... Hmm how does that work with Lianja SQL Server as the user cannot be prompted for the encryption key.

To enable a SQL query to be performed against an encrypted table you use the following syntax:

select * from mytable<key1,key2,key3>

Or alternatively in Lianja NoSQL:

use mytable encryption "key1,key2,key3"

Each table can be encrypted with a different set of keys or you can enable this globally using:

set encryption to "key1,key2,key3"

2013-03-07, 08:58
Great stuff!