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  1. Chat with other VFP developers on how to migrate VFP applications
  2. Simple start - prg starts form
  3. Next try - prg starts class as a form
  4. Migrating Visual FoxPro Forms and Components to Lianja
  5. Did the way of importing vfp-projects change with Beta 10?
  6. Why are vfp-forms imported in a vfp-section and not in a canvas section?
  7. Form Import with Base Classes
  8. Referential Integrity on DBC Import
  9. seconds(), string length,...
  10. Will complex VFP forms be supported
  11. How do you Import a Form using a Class Library
  12. VFP to Lianja - VFP DBC import
  13. VFP application rewrite
  14. Importing PJX stays on 'Importing .."
  15. Waiting to Test VFP Import
  16. Files Missing when Importing Project
  17. Replacement for _SCREEN
  18. Question/Suggestion for Importer
  19. Short news for VFP developers
  20. Hello, I am new Lianja user (speak in Spanish) How use my VFP project in Lianja?
  21. Importing VFP form with a problem
  22. List of Functions & Commands Where Lianja is Different from VFP
  23. Execscript() Creates Temp File
  24. Lianja in a nutshell for VFP migration
  25. Help File and Context-Sensitive Help
  26. Semicolon replaced during migration
  27. Import entire VFP Project... How do it?
  28. Visual Design New Forms
  29. Import pjx
  30. Picture property when importing project
  31. Import view BDC
  32. Apps with two DBCs
  33. Debug VFP migrated programs
  34. Using DBFs
  35. VCO vs VCP?
  36. Batch loading VFP9 data into Lianja via scripting
  37. Select command
  38. Define class
  39. Copy to array
  40. strtran
  41. iif function
  42. debug
  43. this.tabindex
  44. Lianja hard fail
  45. Events sequence
  46. There are some open questions for Foxpro developer!
  47. class relations
  48. Send my apps to clients
  49. Controls Property Not Supported for VFP Containers/Forms?
  50. Class migration and class redefine
  51. report forms
  52. Performance issues
  53. First Experiences with VFP Migration to Lianja 1.1.2
  54. create cursor
  55. New to Lianja VFP user
  56. combobox doesn't work
  57. tabindex
  58. My apps are "hidden"
  59. vfp to Lianja differences
  60. Replace vcx for vcp and scx to scp... is enough?
  61. Lianja and Office and Acrobat
  62. Use of reports
  63. Componets directories
  64. VFP reserved words discontinued
  65. Imported VFP project and DBC files. Now what?
  66. Linefeeds (in VFP put) in Lianja memo field missing
  67. Form and pages
  68. Menus management
  69. Dates before 1900
  70. importar una aplicacion de vpf
  71. Work with multiple tables
  72. Copy Record Button
  73. VFP exe
  74. vfp free table import to an existing lianja sql database
  75. How to deal with VFP's local and remote views?
  76. JavaScript side-by-side with VFP
  77. hmm what object is this
  78. replace command
  79. Recommended VFP ODBC Driver?
  80. Select fron a vfp table that is not part of a database
  81. Lianja App Builder 5.0
  82. Event correspondance
  83. ODBC Environment Handle
  84. Gradually converting a Foxpro for Dos application
  85. access and assign methods/events for imported VFP classlibs
  86. VFP ODBC primer
  87. ERROR Unrecognized phrase/keyword near column 37... - Migrating VFP6 DBC
  88. Does Menus (.mnx files) in VFP can be migrated to Lianja?
  89. how to migrate a Lianja VARCHAR field to a Visual Fox Pro MEMO field
  90. Google Map JavaScript in VFP implementation for WebView
  91. Grid Creation without Data Source