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  1. ODBC import in beta9R6
  2. Editor improvements
  3. New SQLvalues() method in CursorAdapter
  4. What's the difference between the Team Edition and the Cloud Server
  5. Will the team edition allow access from my mobile devices
  6. Actionbar on Employees in beta9r6
  7. Beautifier is broken in beta9r6
  8. Some known issues in importing scx and vcx files
  9. Using existing scx files in desktop apps
  10. Google Maps in lianjademo
  11. Synchronizing spilt-view forms and grids
  12. Beta9R8 progress update
  13. Next refresh will be Beta9R9
  14. Latest dev news
  15. Beta9R9 pre-release for MVPs
  16. Lianja App Builder Beta9R9 introduces new calendar sections.
  17. New asynchronous calls to server side code in Beta9R9
  18. Drag'n drop SQL Views now supported in Beta9R9
  19. Lianja Beta9R9 now contains a WebView page inspector with a JavaScript debugger
  20. Secure and centralized Enterprise Lianja App Deployment
  21. Data bound calendar WebViewWidget
  22. Video Tutorials
  23. A quick update on development activities
  24. Lianja App Builder Beta9R9 new UI and new Lianja App Center
  25. Next build will be Beta10
  26. The new Lianja App Center in Beta10
  27. Enhanced table triggers in Beta10
  28. Beta10 is in final QA
  29. Understanding dynamic compilation
  30. Multiple concurrent App windows now supported
  31. New Lianja system class "NetworkRequest" in Beta10
  32. Lianja App Builder Beta10 coming soon
  33. Slight delay in Beta10
  34. Parsing big data JSON and XML content in Lianja
  35. Working with MSSQL/MySQL/Oracle databases using Virtual Tables
  36. Lianja SQL Server status update
  37. Mac OS X distribution in Beta10
  38. Gestures now supported in Lianja App Builder Beta10
  39. New "Click" or "Double Click" to edit HTML5 WebViews
  40. Beta10 almost ready to ship
  41. Lianja App Builder Beta10 for Linux x64
  42. Whats coming in Lianja App Builder Beta11
  43. Synced App development coming soon to Lianja App Builder Beta11
  44. Autosuggestions implemented in Lianja Beta11
  45. Customizable App Theming
  46. Enhanced page attributes in Beta11
  47. Theming
  48. Lianja Facebook page
  49. Lianja App Builder RC1 available soon
  50. Lianja App Builder RC2 should be available within a few hours
  51. Thanks to all community members
  52. Lianja App Builder RC3 and Lianja SQL Server coming soon
  53. Lianja SQL Server coming soon
  54. Lianja SQL Server and background scripts
  55. Lianja SQL Server Doc
  56. Lianja Documentation Wiki available soon
  57. UI Presentation rules in RC4
  58. Data mapping
  59. New UI state machine in RC4
  60. All delegates can now be specified as "inline" commands
  61. Further UI customizations in RC4
  62. New integrated app specific context-sensitive Help in RC4
  63. Added custom section menus in RC4
  64. Sample Apps coming soon
  65. Tabview enhancements in RC4
  66. Field specific context menus in RC4
  67. Hide page headerbar in RC4
  68. Working with UI page libraries in RC4
  69. Use of the Escape key
  70. Instant search visual indicator in RC4
  71. New progress bar in RC4
  72. RC4 pre-release for MVPs
  73. Beta downloads
  74. New UI States manager in RC4
  75. New placeholder text atribute for fields
  76. UI States Editor in RC4
  77. Preparing for Lianja App Builder RC4
  78. Copy and Rename App
  79. New field alignment menu in the canvas builder
  80. Data mapping in fields and grid columns in RC4
  81. New CatalogView section implemented in Lianja App Builder RC4
  82. VFP importers roadmap
  83. New Navigation panel on pages in RC4
  84. App packager coming soon
  85. RC5 coming soon
  86. UI state machine improvements in RC5
  87. New App Inspector in RC5
  88. Embedding UI Page Library components in the Navigation Panel
  89. Gartner gives further credence to the Lianja Vision
  90. Post RC5 what to expect
  91. Absolute control positioning in form sections has been implemented in RC5
  92. Lianja C/C++ API coming soon
  93. New splitter functionality in RC5
  94. Lianja App Builder and Lianja App Center running in a web browser
  95. Animating the UI in Lianja App Builder RC5
  96. Daily builds of RC5 prior to release
  97. InfoTips in the next build
  98. Lianja community driven development and MVPs
  99. Virtual Table enhancements in RC5.2
  100. Virtual Tables in RC5.3
  101. Further Virtual Table enhancements in RC5.3
  102. Lianja/SDK C API in Lianja App Builder RC5.3
  103. Data source independent connections in coming in RC5.3
  104. Kiosk mode for the Lianja App Center in RC5.4
  105. Lianja RC5.4 coming soon
  106. Additional JavaScript libraries in Lianja App Builder RC5.4
  107. VisibleWhen and EnabledWhen behavior improved in Lianja App Builder RC5.4
  108. Lianja/SDK C API Documentation
  109. Lianja RC5.5 work plan
  110. VFP Project (.pjx), Form (.scx) and Class (.vcx) importers in RC5.5
  111. Lianja RC5.5 changelog
  112. Client/Server data access made easy in RC5.5
  113. Lianja Appliance
  114. New "Debug" tab in the App Inspector
  115. Data auditing using timelines
  116. Builder tablet-oriented Apps in RC5.8
  117. Added a new "Component" gadget type in RC5.8
  118. Lianja App Builder RC5.8 tablet-oriented App
  119. Make me flat -- color theming for Windows 8 style UI
  120. Building up a developer community
  121. Lianja App Bulder RC5.8 improved script editor
  122. Good resource for cheat sheets
  123. Lianja App Builder RC6 coming soon
  124. A few Grid enhancements coming in RC6
  125. Development status update
  126. New Tree behavior in RC7
  127. New UI theming in RC7
  128. CheckListView in next build
  129. Section menu shortcuts in next build
  130. Creating your own installer to install the App Center quietly
  131. Important to remember
  132. Lianja Cloud/Mobile
  133. Using Virtual Tables (Part 1)
  134. Cascading DialogButtonClick delegates and showDialog() / showDialogPanel()
  135. Keeping things in perspective
  136. Debugger improvements
  137. Keep an eye on the roadmap
  138. GUI Debugger is now integrated
  139. Debugger is improving
  140. Lianja debugger quick-start guide
  141. SQL statement for Virtual Tables in section attributes
  142. Virtual Table connstr "local" change of behavior
  143. General posting guidelines
  144. Virtual Tables in the next build
  145. Virtual Table and KeyLookup
  146. Virtual table and update
  147. Custom attributes
  148. Autosuggestion from virtual table
  149. Cross-platform App portability and file case sensitivity tip
  150. CursorAdaptor requery() functionality enhancement in RC9
  151. What's in RC9
  152. Building Client/Server systems in final release
  153. Improved Virtual Table support
  154. Select and Lyke
  155. Product release information
  156. String quoting with SQL Virtual Tables
  157. "local" v "localhost" virtual table connection strings in RC10
  158. Text to speech for geeks :)
  159. all too quiet ..
  160. Sidebar question
  161. Building Web Apps in the Lianja App Builder
  162. Call App
  163. Lianja C/C++ API
  164. Running external programs and apps
  165. Include Page or Section
  166. How do you eat an elephant?
  167. Problem with date field on index
  168. Paginated grids coming in next point release
  169. BROWSE/Grid performance improvements in v1.1
  170. Mobile App Development improvements coming in v1.0.1
  171. Keep an eye on the roadmap
  172. How to deploy?
  173. Open database shared
  174. Lianja App Builder v1.1 in action
  175. v1.1 introduces Custom Search Panels
  176. More about NoCode and Custom "Search Panels" in v1.1
  177. v1.1 Tablet and Phone Views in action
  178. v1.1Beta1 should be available today for MVPs and ISVs
  179. Google Data Visualization in Lianja WebViews
  180. v1.1 APaaS Developer license
  181. New section "Subtitles" coming in v1.1
  182. Full page editing coming in v1.1
  183. Important change in v1.1
  184. Error on use CursorAdaptor
  185. Dynamic grid cell colors in v1.1
  186. New calculated grid columns in v1.1
  187. v1.1 what to expect
  188. v1.1Beta4 new build today
  189. Posting guidelines
  190. Lianja Cloud Server v1.1 Web/Mobile client what to expect
  191. Canvas and Custom sections coming in v1.1
  192. Timers in v1.1
  193. The Lianja HTML5 Client API
  194. Virtual table encrypted
  195. SQL Express update failed
  196. Error or my mistakes?
  197. Filter recordset
  198. Long time to open a page, why open all table?
  199. Combine Auto Search Panel with Custom Search Panel
  200. v1.1.3
  201. customerlist in the Lianja Demo
  202. VT fields additional data
  203. variable not found
  204. put filename into formfield
  205. Lianja Web Apps in education
  206. Update VT formfield
  207. delete record on virtual table
  208. VT table closed after empty requery
  209. Hard to debug..
  210. v1.1.3 enhancements coming soon
  211. Especially for code warriors
  212. IntelliTips in the script editor
  213. locale specific character sets and UTF-8
  214. Hyperlinked fields and grid columns
  215. Skype integration
  216. Grid column totals
  217. Lianja SQL Server
  218. What to expect in V1.1.6
  219. Page Transitions in v1.1.6
  220. Gestures in Mobile Apps
  221. Responsive layout on Mobile devices
  222. v1.1.7 will be available soon
  223. Chinese character support
  224. Calendar enhancements in v1.2.1
  225. V1.2.1Beta4 new features
  226. Coming soon in v1.2.1
  227. Lianja APaaS v1.2.2 Full Installer
  228. Working with Virtual Tables in v1.2.2
  229. Building kiosk Web Apps
  230. Dynamic Roles and Permissions
  231. Introducing the Page Center
  232. IIS Integration with Lianja Cloud Server
  233. Change database location
  234. New grid sorting implemented in v1.2.4
  235. Localized data picker based on the locale
  236. Licensing and selling your Apps
  237. App tile icons
  238. v1.2.4 coming soon
  239. v1.3 status update
  240. v1.3 status update 2
  241. OData with Virtual Tables e.g. MSSQL and MySQL
  242. v1.3 Virtual Tables in the Cloud Server
  243. Amazon AppStream
  244. V1.3 Status Update
  245. v1.3 enhancements to the Web Client
  246. v1.3 Lianja.showDialog()
  247. Use agin trouble
  248. Database selection
  249. MultiRow selection in grids
  250. Text to speech