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  1. Default App Center login after installation
  2. What does the Lianja App Center look like
  3. Lianja App Center tiles can now contain dynamic content
  4. How to access App Center
  5. SQL Server setup
  6. Monetizing your Lianja Apps
  7. Setting up a default support user
  8. Compilation and distribution
  9. inner join with console
  10. App Centre Crash
  11. Variables going out of scope and performance
  12. Error in application Center, but not in App builder
  13. App Center Install options?
  14. Config.db not getting compiled when created at deplloyment
  15. [Solved] Customising Log in screen in App Center
  16. Missing record
  17. Import DBF file to lianja
  18. Lianja App Center Window size
  19. Menu and submenu
  20. Enable Embedded HTTP Server
  21. APP center fails to identify Usernames and passwords
  22. why when each time install app center at work stations copy at network drive
  23. RDP connection to App Center
  24. Set LAN data directory
  25. Grouping Apps in App Center
  26. install, config, connect?
  27. how to detect AppC?
  28. Starting an app without a lianja center
  29. How to remove or hide an app from the App Center?
  30. App center deletes everything after deploy
  31. Problem running Lianja App Centre from Client PC
  32. Modifying App Center
  33. App center header
  34. Installing the app
  35. Use enterprise Single Sign On (SSO) to authenticate Lianja app?