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  1. How to submit an enhancement request
  2. OLE-Support
  3. Enhancing Instant search
  4. BROWSE support
  5. CSS styling of the framework controls
  6. Interactive debugger
  7. Dropbox folders
  8. Visual Designer for Report Writer
  9. Support for VFP-Function SYS(2023)
  10. ActiveX support on Windows
  11. Ability to call PHP functions from VFP
  12. Gesture support on Mac
  13. Code Profiler
  14. Plugin API
  15. Extensability API
  16. A Lianja ODBC driver
  17. Tutorial/Learning tips-lessons.
  18. Transactions in cursor adapter
  19. Interactive GUI debugger
  20. Saving and restoring history of console-workspace between Lianja-sessions
  21. Rich text editor gadget
  22. code suggestions and autocompletion.
  23. Support for VFP-Function PEMSTATUS()
  24. Reporting in Lianja version 1. What about frx files ?
  25. Autoinc
  26. Grid builder
  27. Extract page from Tabview
  28. Web Application
  29. Tooltip
  30. App close icon
  31. Ability to embed an existing VFP FORM in a custom section
  32. Ability to embed an existing VFP REPORT in a webview section
  33. Fetching multiple resultsets/cursors from backend.
  34. Data view
  35. dialog form enhancement
  36. Multilanguage
  37. Code folding
  38. Data session window
  39. Code reference searches across all files
  40. OLE/ActiveX support
  41. Code button in Validate
  42. Form.scx
  43. Set default to getdir ()
  44. Variable without declaration
  45. App TODO list
  46. Label Designer
  47. can I embed a free table in the Lianja application ?
  48. intellisence in console window
  49. save the filters
  50. Browse gris
  51. Live Object Intellisense
  52. Actionbar
  53. Instant selections with grids
  54. Add confirmation screen when deleting sections
  55. Tooltip text on attribute pages
  56. search overview
  57. Status Bar
  58. Creating tables can be improved
  59. Forms and menus
  60. Modifying tables
  61. VFP Sys(2015) or Equivalent
  62. Gonna have to have separate windows . . .
  63. Original toolbar in TabView
  64. Dialog button in the grids.
  65. DisplayValue versus Actual Value
  66. errors enhancement
  67. .SCX import tool
  68. ESC key to exit Attributes panel?
  69. Post your requests for Lianja video tutorial topics here!
  70. Support for VFP-API-Librarys (*.FLL)
  71. view the Delegate button in single edit mode
  72. ckick event
  73. show full path
  74. Multiple Attribute Settings Enhancements
  75. Field Attributes Editing Strategies
  76. SQL Union Clause Support in Choices/List Items etc.
  77. VFP-Functions OEMTOANSI() and ANSITOOEM() are currently not supported
  78. Case-Sensitive Checkbox in Search/Replace in Editor
  79. Multiple Field Select, copy/cut/paste
  80. field navigation button
  81. more error detail in the script
  82. Container Collection
  83. End User Report Tool
  84. New Function AFieldInfo(Alias)
  85. Function Support for Aliases and Field Names
  86. New Function to Set Values in Data Dictionary
  87. Data Designer and Memo fields
  88. Run another App session
  89. DataSession Dialog
  90. Same as:
  91. Lianja does not support strings longer than 65000 characters
  92. Lianja does not support Collations available in VFP
  93. Unicode support in Lianja
  94. MT DLL support in Lianja
  95. Make Selecting Controls in App Builder Easier
  96. More Widget Alignment Options
  97. New Shape Widget
  98. #include
  99. Public variable
  100. Sticky Toolbar Menus
  101. Do you have plans to have a Spanish Lianja Version?
  102. Variable Viewer for Console Tab
  103. Multi-Column ComboBox with Image Support
  104. Larger Image Size for Posts
  105. Display Gadget attribute for Fields in DD
  106. Longer field names
  107. Put Debugger Buttons in Section Header
  108. Widget Properties Slide Out Should Remember which Sections Were Open or Closed
  109. Keyboard Short Cut for Property Slide out Window
  110. Only Show or Enable Events that apply to Widget in App Builder
  111. Support for Folders in App Builder Library
  112. Next and previous arrows colour change
  113. IN nWorkArea / IN cTableAlias support
  114. Support for Compression, Encryption, FTP, HTTP
  115. ability to set the autoinc value
  116. Change Item Method for TreeGrid
  117. Please add vfp's GetPEM(tObject, tcPEM), but ***no*** pressing need timewise
  118. Browse: Please add autofit Button to Browse
  119. Pls. move search entry Box on Recital Page
  120. pls add support for aused()
  121. .SCX Import
  122. Possible to "save as" Sections and plug into pages at runtime?
  123. filter function
  124. Names for controls dropped on forms
  125. Expose Click event for Header in Grid
  126. Allow Column naming, and provide ColumnOrder
  127. Extending Instant search
  128. Full TEXT...ENDTEXT
  129. Textmerge()
  130. Graphic interface
  131. Pls. add Support for optimistic tablebuffering
  132. Strictdate {^YYYY.MM.DD [HH:MM:SS]} entry formats for date+datetime (low Priority)
  133. Support for creating GUID clientside for Tablebuffering if coming
  134. OLE calls from Lianja
  135. App Center: shift+click starts new instance
  136. SCATTER to Dynamic Array
  137. Support for Chrtran functionality like vfp, not other name for strtran
  138. Seek() function
  139. possibility of duplicate table
  140. Save screen , restore screen
  141. Additional controls in Grid columns
  142. A dream function RSYNC()
  143. Reflect Usage of Input History
  144. Page scroll
  145. Section relation enhancement
  146. Choice and othe property enhancement
  147. inherit
  148. Serial Port Functions
  149. Accordion / Outlook Control - Left side panel
  150. Autocomplete textbox
  151. API Call
  152. F2 lookup
  153. Working with tables
  154. Import From Excel
  155. Autosuggestion
  156. DateTime picker
  157. Update COPY FILE to Match VFP
  158. Update Desired for SCX with Grid Conversion or Bug?
  159. A great step towards migration: Automate: .SCX import
  160. Unicode strings for chines, korean, Arabic... languages
  161. Button to copy an existing app
  162. Drag a numeric field onto Canvas - don't want spinner
  163. Auto PK entries
  164. Wikii return data type
  165. Field attributes
  166. Copy and paste in canvas
  167. Set focus when adding new column in table
  168. Shouldn't be able to double-click Section attributes
  169. Suggestion: Features tutorial on startup
  170. messagebox() - make always on top
  171. Cancel Icon
  172. Text box, and other control, right click
  173. When on a field: please disable mouse scroll in attributes
  174. Working with columns
  175. Align - please add Align bottom. Also please review Align right
  176. Choosing an image
  177. Search - start from the current record
  178. Autosuggestion enhancement
  179. Change delegate
  180. Attributes for fields
  181. Define class xxx as yyy of zzz.[prg, vcp]
  182. Field name
  183. Add ShowWindow Property to Forms
  184. Dockable headerbar/footerbar/Sidebars for container
  185. Table Creation Enhancement
  186. TabView in a Canvas Section
  187. Navigation panel embedded custom widget
  188. Icon on widget clickevent
  189. The Ability to Define the Advanced Menu Controls.
  190. Ability to substitute CONNSTR argument at runtime in Virtual Tables
  191. Console - browse
  192. Minimum and maximum widths setting for objects in form sections
  193. Animate Accordion
  194. Dropdown selector - I see why I was confused!
  195. logical Delete in browse
  196. Pemstatus
  197. enlarge "field caption"
  198. Import Caption field name during import DBC
  199. Can "button" be Synonymous with "commandbutton"
  200. RichTextEdit properties exposed
  201. Multi-Select and Move in Canvas
  202. Plaintext (justtext) property to richtextedit control
  203. USe VFP editor to build Lianja pages
  204. HeaderClick Delegate
  205. Copy table field between table
  206. Field Name and Data Name Justify
  207. Console Command History
  208. Consider making a new forum section for Grids
  209. Navigation - close
  210. How Lianja could integrate Internationalization next - Based on real experiences
  211. Set Data Mapping
  212. Set min characters for Instant search
  213. Mousewheel scrolling causes duel scrolling
  214. Grid horizontal scroll resets during navigation
  215. Header block for code
  216. intellisense and code snippets
  217. intellisense and code snippets
  218. cursoradaptor parameter
  219. Page Refresh
  220. VFP-Scripting: square and rounded brackets to adress array
  221. Advanced Controls - Checkbox, Dates
  222. Submitted Ticket Removed
  224. Open custom library when one is set
  225. Picture property when importing vfp project
  226. Clear "Errors" window
  227. Esc key in the console
  228. Instant Search for a grid field
  229. Shape object for canvas section
  230. Ability to hide the instant search without hiding the header
  231. Animate the Navigation Panel
  232. Paths when importing vfp pjx
  233. Default start path with GetFile() and PutFile()
  234. Folder structure
  235. Virtal table and temp files
  236. Local Data dictionary
  237. Is Universal date/datetime format supported (or is that en ER?)
  238. Modal call a page
  239. Call one the same page from two different applications
  240. Call home error option
  241. VT from other local DB
  242. Font property for data
  243. textfield Editable vs Dialog Button
  244. Deployment: Creating an installer
  245. create buttons in container
  246. Actionbar - ability to place in header OR footer
  247. Ability to click on section name
  248. Checkbox in grid
  249. Lianja Server and Table management
  250. Support for VFP Indexes