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  1. Do you support Python modules?
  2. Where can I find information for a migration path from existing vfp projects?
  3. Where is a debugger inside app-buiilder for vfp based custum pages/sections,.. ?
  4. When do you expect beta3 to be available and what can we expect to see in it?
  5. VFP-Compatibility in Lianja / Recital?
  6. tweets NOT working in lianja site.
  7. Add a 3.1 to the Beta version, so I can keep track of the refresh number
  8. report genrate in linaja ?
  9. printing of data
  10. Are there any BETA avalable for testing
  11. Oscar
  12. Browse with incremental search capability
  13. Coding tip: Displaying dynamic content in section headers, footers, etc
  14. Shortcut tip: Quickly create a grid section in a page
  15. What is the best way to lean Lianja?
  16. Application structure
  17. Lianja for writing a web service?
  18. SQL Server connections
  19. BROWSE on large data sets
  20. Full screen mode
  21. any plans for adding source control ?
  22. Source code
  23. Import data from VFP table
  24. Problem with table/Database crash in Vfp9.
  25. Command Button questions
  26. Modifying field position in a table
  27. Problems with tutorial page
  28. How do you close an app
  29. VFP Declare DLL Equivalent
  30. Can I Create Windows NT Service with Lianja?
  31. Other Function not Mentioned in the Documentation
  32. Web Applications and Data Transmission over the Web.
  33. How to quickly add Multiple Tables to a Database?
  34. Autoincrement : stange behaviour
  35. Tutorial videos not loading
  36. How do I change field width?
  37. Custom Control.
  38. Report Section
  39. How to call a page and get back a value?
  40. Does Sql Select command have connection string support?
  41. How to refresh a data bound control when the record pointer is moved?
  42. request to add WAIT WINDOW command in vfp mode
  43. Does the ListBox Support Images and Multiple Columns?
  44. Cannot Open VFP Memo File
  45. Can Lianja SQL Server be used With AJAX enabled websites?
  46. socket_open() Problem
  47. Lianja Cannot Import VFP Tables with VarChar Columns?
  48. How do I access the Data Dictionary?
  49. Beta9R4 availability
  50. Problems opening application
  51. Moving sections
  52. Removing page
  53. Connecting forms with external database
  54. I need create a database with 92 tables
  55. New FAQ on Lianja.com
  56. LA Fox looking at Lianja
  57. sending output to correct printer
  58. Getting extra Help information to supplement the Lianja docs
  59. Coming releases and fees
  60. Is there a function that can give you the name of Event/Method being executed?
  61. SQL-Select AS Question
  62. Socket_Read always returns Nothing
  63. Proposal for all
  64. Can I use a Linux Shared Object with Lianja?
  65. Is the Class Init Method Return Value Used?
  66. How to Create My own custom controls for use in the App Builder?
  67. Does Lianja have the Equivalent of "Set Key To Range"?
  68. OpenOffice Automation in Linux
  69. Doubt in handling classes
  70. Is there an API to get the Lianja Help text as it is found via Search-Textbox ?
  71. Eval("LoCustom.baseclass") kills Lianja App Builder
  72. Thoughts on Documenting Code Files
  73. Saved States
  74. utf8 charset in lianja
  75. Programmatically Converting VFP, DBF v3, DBF v4 Tables to Lianja
  76. No OptionGroup Selection in Advanced Canvas Controls
  77. Is there a recommended way of handling Serial Ports in Lianja for Linux?
  78. ODBC Connectivity
  79. event subclass
  80. Grid Column Attribute
  81. pass activecontrol as parameter
  82. How to reference controls in a convas section
  83. populate grid with a cursor
  84. Related Data Composite Keys
  85. [SOLVED] Export to Excel, Then View Excel File
  86. crud example using jquery
  87. Demo app has runtime errors
  88. Showdocument - drive and directory
  89. How to change your forum name
  90. Lianja App Builder awarded "100% CLEAN" Softpedia award
  91. Pictures attached to posts - can they be clearer?
  92. From Salesforce.com: Lianja is the solution
  93. listbox backcolor
  94. python - using psycopg2 - linux
  95. PK values for offline
  96. Grid not editable
  97. Instant selection - Favorite
  98. Where is the View menu
  99. How do I use Versions on the modebar?
  100. Control of a scanner
  101. Release Candidates
  102. Hosting
  103. Page collection
  104. Tabs and Actionbar
  105. Crash when loading Custom WebView Gadget URL
  106. Tip: Exporting The Wiki To PDF
  107. Custom canvas demo
  108. Demo app - how does one display the product name rather than the Product id?
  109. Form vs Canvas vs Custom
  110. Data in grid is being replaced with the word Memo
  111. Building a Custom Gadget
  112. Stretching a section
  113. Reports - general questions
  114. Best way to set the default value for Date Textbox
  115. Set proc to
  116. Pictures - how do you add
  117. How to make NumericTextBox a number
  118. Caption questions
  119. Send to front / send to back
  120. Pages Libraries and Alias conflicts
  121. Virtual table syntax question
  122. How to declare a public array?
  123. Control of styling and appearance
  124. OptionButton - how to make an Option group?
  125. How to view / change the DataSource using code
  126. This forum: Anyone else finding "New posts" misses some posts?
  127. Time saving tip
  128. Grid Column header
  129. Custom Gadget header
  130. How to reference a a gadget
  131. Space for caption - can it be reduced?
  132. Metadata Question
  133. Can I add my own Items to the SysColumnContraints Table?
  134. Virtual Table re-use
  135. Who uses Roboform?
  136. Troubleshooting steps when an app wont open
  137. Data mapping, displaying 2 fields
  138. Use of Parameters in VirtualTable
  139. Toolbar Question
  140. ENTER key
  141. Data mapping example in RC5
  142. Can you edit a page once it has been saved in the page library
  143. Uninstalling Lianja
  144. Option Group class question
  145. Popup menu
  146. stylesheet question
  147. Grid Click dblClick events
  148. Where to start from if you are a VB6 veteran
  149. Custom search question
  150. Volunteer testers
  151. Custom Grid Event Question
  152. Grid: The last column should only take up its appropriate space.
  153. OFUG Lianja Demo, Tuesday, May 21
  154. Lianja PreCon and Session at SWFox: October 17-20
  155. Virtual Table and MS SQL Server
  156. How Do I Get Data From More Than One Table Into A Grid ?
  157. Virtual table & insert/delete/update
  158. How to change section header colors?
  159. Program errors not reported, making debugging difficult.
  160. Timer Usage
  161. Custom grid and splitGrid
  162. Optiongroup caption is coming up blank
  163. keylookup, 2 syntaxes ?
  164. keylookup and virtualtables
  165. How far can you go with Lianja?
  166. Controlling Line Spacing with CSS Style
  167. Reference Question - Missing Gadget
  168. Getting the value from a RichTextEdit control
  169. Making a Point of sale with Lianja
  170. Select statement problem
  171. Required Property
  172. Custom Grid - RecordSource Vs RowSource vs Additems
  173. Lianja Presentation on OFUG, 5/21, tonight @ 8:30 Eastern
  174. Metro Skin
  175. Conditional Compilation
  176. Container Layouts
  177. Copy/paste object in canvas
  178. Web Application expectations
  179. tabview and save
  180. SQL Statement to build standard grid
  181. standard grid Memo field question
  182. Virtual tables and quick search
  183. clickable maps and lianja
  184. Inserting an image
  185. Grid - How to blank a numeric field
  186. Lianja.dispatchEvent
  187. Online Training classes
  188. Grid Gadget Datasource
  189. Opening a local File in webview widget
  190. A way to exit runtime?
  191. Changing button captions on click event
  192. Grid - checkbox
  193. TreeGrid Navigation
  194. listview question
  195. Gadget: Grid - questions.
  196. Section: grid
  197. Maximum # of fields per record?
  198. Reset the focus to the page search box
  199. Grid Gadget additems
  200. TreeView Gadget refresh
  201. Error with MSQL based virtual table
  202. Confusion between 2 MS SqlServer based virutal tables
  203. Cursor Adaptor best practices
  204. What can I do Today?
  205. Section default state
  206. Tree indicator option
  207. Does an rsp file for a webview have to be in the library?
  208. RSP referenceError
  209. Understanding RSP
  210. Sync Action Bar
  211. Nice touch on the optiongroup control
  212. Sending email through gmail SSL
  213. What are your plans for Lianja?
  214. Evaluation Questions
  215. Questions while I explore Lianja
  216. Can one have a single click (where a double-click is now required)?
  217. question about databases supported
  218. question about app server supported
  219. custom vfp optiongroup changed?
  220. Events in a DialogPanel
  221. labelwidth seems to have disappeared from the textfield attribute dialog
  222. How can I mimic a wizard?
  223. Which delegates are supported to populate an object in a dialogpanel
  224. Getting "rows affected" by sqlexec update
  225. SQL count returns 'nothing" instead of 0
  226. aftercreate delegate & available values
  227. Reset all section textboxes
  228. New Grid Sort delegate
  229. Test a string with a comment delimiter
  230. Documentation for dbcgetprop
  231. Best place to use my tables
  232. ODBC Connection to Postgres tables and fields that have hyphens example: order-line
  233. How to Re-order pages
  234. Logging into App Builder & App Centre
  235. Move a table (and records) to another Database
  236. Proper syntax
  237. Dynamic Treeview Column Icons
  238. Webcast topics
  239. Roles and Permissions for Non LOB applications
  240. Visual Report writer
  241. Resources for learning programming languages, HTML5, CSS
  242. problem updating virtual tables
  243. Change table associated with the Action Bar
  244. App is changing database
  245. How can my client run the application?
  246. Display images from database
  247. Lianja on the Southwest Fox - how was it?
  248. Is there another way to move a page to a page collection?
  249. console application
  250. Inline Delegates on the wiki?