Application/ISV Partners

Become a Certified Lianja ISV Partner using the Lianja Apps Platform to develop, deploy and share your business Apps and Data, and you will enjoy:

  • Fast time to market when you use the industry's most productive and modern development platform targeting Desktop, Cloud and Mobile devices.
  • Lianja Apps that are easy and cost effective to deploy and maintain.
  • Industry leading Lianja technologies such as Lianja App Builder, Lianja SQL Server, Lianja Cloud Server and Lianja App Center that will keep you ahead of your competition.
  • Cross platform app development and deployment. No more operating system vendor lock-in. Develop and deploy on Windows, Mac and Linux; deploy on Desktop, Cloud and Mobile.
  • Get listed in the Lianja Solutions and Partners directory to generate leads and drive customers to your website.
  • Private ISV sub-forum in the Lianja Development Community where you can communicate privately and securely directly with the Lianja Development Team and your ISV Channel Manager.
  • Dramatically improve your time to market in delivering Software as a Service applications for cloud and mobile.
  • Low-cost annual subscription gives ISVs the right to redistribute Apps built using Lianja technologies with Unlimited Desktop Apps Distribution.

Become a Certified Lianja ISV Partner today and enjoy the financial benefits that will help you grow your business with minimum financial outlay.

If you have any questions about becoming an Certified Lianja ISV Partner do not hesitate to contact us and we will be pleased to discuss these programs with you on a confidential basis.

Terms and conditions apply.