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Function to display help information in a popup Help dialog


SHOWHELP(<expC1>, <expC2> [, <expC3> [, <expL>]])

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The SHOWHELP() function displays help information in a popup dialog.

Parameter Description
<expC1> Help dialog title
<expC2> Help table name.
The table should have the following structure:
HELPTOPIC Character(60) Description 'Help topic'
HELPTEXT Memo Description 'Help text'
and the following index tag:
Tag: helptopic
Key: helptopic
<expC3> Help topic. SHOWHELP() will search for this topic in the Help table's index and display the text from the HELPTEXT memo field. If the topic is not found, a message will be displayed in the Help dialog: 'No help found for the specified topic.' If <expC3> is not specified, the first record (in the index) from the Help table will be displayed.
<expL> Show buttons flag. If <expL> is .T. navigation buttons to move between Help topics will be displayed at the bottom of the dialog. If <expL> is .F. or not specified, no buttons are displayed.

Each App generally has its own Help table. This will be created automatically the first time you access the Help Editor from the Lianja App Builder Pages Workspace (Page Builder) Headbar. The table is given the name <app-name>_help, e.g. lianjademo_help for the lianjademo App. Each Section has the Attributes 'Help topic' and 'Show help icon'. If these are specified, clicking the help icon in the Section Header will do a SHOWHELP() of that section's help topic. Form Section Fields also have a 'Help topic' Attribute and the specified topic is shown when F1 is pressed in the field.

The SHOWHELP() functionality is also provided in the Lianja system object showhelp() method.


open database southwind
showhelp("Help for Employees Page","lianjademo_help","page_employees",.T.)