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Open online help in the default browser


HELP [<command> | <function()>]

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Commands, Functions


Issuing the HELP command in a Lianja App Builder Command Window opens online help for the relevant language (Lianja/VFP, Python, JavaScript, PHP) in the default browser.

<command> | <function()>

From a Lianja/VFP Command Window, including a <command> or <function()> opens the wiki page for that command or function. For multi-word commands, specifying the first word will open a page containing a list of possible commands or the page for the single word command and a link to the list.


// Online help for the relevant language
// From Lianja/VFP Command Window:
// Help command page (this page)
help help
// List of all ALTER ... commands
help alter
// CLEAR command page with a link to the list of all CLEAR ... commands
help clear
// AT() function page
help at()