General App Configuration Settings

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App Settings, Command Line Switches,

Additional file path

A semi-colon (;) separated list of additional path locations to search for App specific files.

App CSS style

Specify the global App CSS style for UI theming.

Autoload libraries

If True, then libraries are auto loaded if a file of the same name as the directory exists in the additional file paths (True | False).

  • Any libraries that are auto loaded are monitored for changes and reloaded if changes are detected.

CSS libraries

The CSS libraries for this App. Separate each filename with a ; to specify more than one.

Desktop theme

Desktop theme for this App (Default | Android | iOS | Modern | Modern2 | ... (read from themes directory).

Disable inline editing

Disable inline editing (True | False).

Help table

Context sensitive help table for this App.

Hide Header Bar

Hide header bar at runtime (True | False).

Hide header icons

Hide the header icons in the page header bars (True | False).

Home page app

The App to load when the Home icon is clicked.

HTML editor

Choose the HTML editor to use in this App (Desktop | Web | Mobile).

Include in HTML HEAD

Include HTML file contents into the HTML5 Client.

Initial page

The first page to view for this App at runtime.

Initial UI state

The initial UI state for this App. This will be applied to all pages, sections and fields/gadgets.

Maximize Window

Maximize the window for this App(True | False).

Meta types file

The Meta types file for this App.

Meta types library

The Meta types library for this App.

Navigation menu caption

Navigation menu caption text in the page header.

Readonly fields backcolor

The background color that readonly fields should be displayed in.

Runtime connection

The connection string to use for 'local' virtual tables. This will be substituted when the App is deployed at runtime in the App Center or the Web/Mobile clients.

Runtime database

The database that will be substituted when the App is deployed at runtime in the App Center or the Web/Mobile clients.

Show navigation history

Show pages navigation history buttons in page header.

Show navigation menu

Show pages navigation menu in page header (True | False).

Show Page Center

Show Page Center when navigation menu clicked (True | False).

UI states table

UI states table for this App.

Window Height

The window height for this App.

Window Resizable

Allow the user to resize the App window (True | False).

Window Title

The window title for this App.

Window Width

The window width for this App.