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Evaluate expression and output result


? <exp> [,<exp>] | ?? <exp> [,<exp>]

[AT <expN>]

[FUNCTION <expC1>]

[PICTURE <expC2>]

[STYLE <expC3>]

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The ? command outputs a carriage return, then a line feed, then evaluates each expression in turn and displays the result. The ?? command evaluates the expression and displays the results on the same line, no carriage return/line feed sequence is output. If more than one expression is specified and SET SPACE is ON, a single space is output between each expression. If SET SPACE is OFF, the expressions are output with no space in between.

Clause Description
AT <expN> You may optionally specify the column at which the expression will be output with the AT <expN> clause.
PICTURE <expC1> The PICTURE clause supports all picture template symbols listed in the @...SAY command.
FUNCTION <expC2> The FUNCTION qualifier allows picture functions to be specified. Normally this can be done with the PICTURE qualifier by preceding the picture with '@'. If the FUNCTION qualifier is used the '@' is not needed.
STYLE <expC3> The STYLE qualifier has been added for compatibility with other Xbase languages.


?? "price" at 01 picture "@!",1234.56 picture "$99,999.99"
PRICE $1,234.56